By Ackbar Abbas

In Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong, disaffected youngsters embody historical promises unkept.


An End and a Beginning

By Ariel Esteban Cayer

Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong captures the realities of Hong Kong’s marginalized people with immediacy and urgency.


The Future of the Past

By Vivienne Chow

On Fruit Chan and Made in Hong Kong


Made in Hong Kong

Directed by Fruit Chan

Chan’s raw, atmospheric portrait of nihilistic youth and a city on the brink, following a high-school dropout who sees little hope for his future, was
the first independent film released in post-Handover Hong Kong. Newly restored!

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Fruit Chan

By Susanna T.

Chan talks about part one of his ”Handover Trilogy,“ Made in Hong Kong, in this talk that first appeared in Hong Kong Panorama 97-98.