LIVE SCREENINGS are live digital events streamed here on

All showtimes are in your local timezone (as set in your device/computer settings).

Movies are preceded by 5-10 minutes of pre-show/trailers, so you can arrive a little bit late without missing the beginning of the film.

Live streams support rewind, so if you're up to one hour late, you can use the control bar to rewind and still watch the event. The event (and rewind capability) will be turned off one hour after the live-stream ends.

If you tune in early, you may need to refresh your browser when the program starts.

After the live screening, some programs can be watched on demand for a limited run (usually a few days, sometimes a week).

TICKETED SCREENINGS are digital shows which require a ticket purchase. They can be watched (started/stopped/rewatched/however you like) anytime during the run. Members receive a special reduced ticket price.

Many of our Members and Guests purchase Pre-Sale tickets—remember the show starts opening night, not before. Check your ticket for when the show can be viewed.

Guests log in using their purchase info to watch the show.

Ticketed Screenings are listed on the Screenings page, along with all our programs. You can also click on the link from your ticket receipt.

CLOSED CAPTIONS - Due to the diverse archive of our programming sources, at this time we do not offer closed captioning on all programs, though all non-English shows are presented with  English subtitles.


METROGRAPH DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP is required for all shows except Ticketed Screenings, where Guests are welcome and Members enjoy a special ticket price. Membership is auto billed at your choice monthly or annually.

GIFT MEMBERSHIPS are coming soon—stand by! Please contact us if you are looking for special group/team/family/company Membership gifts for the holidays.

TO PAUSE OR CANCEL a Membership, go to “My Account” / “Purchases”, see the options to pause or cancel.



Install to your Roku account here, or from your TV, search the Streaming Channels store for "Metrograph" and install the app.
Select "Link this TV" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Deliver to your FireTV device here, or from your TV, search the App Store for "Metrograph" and install the app.
Select "Link this TV" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Apple TV (2015 or newer):
From your TV, search the App Store for "Metrograph" and install the app.
Select "Link this TV" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Older Apple TV (via AirPlay):
Begin watching in the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Then click the AirPlay icon that appears in the video player controls. Note: Do NOT use Screen Mirroring, since that does not work with encrypted videos.

Begin watching in the Chrome browser on your computer. Click the Chromecast icon that appears in the video player controls.

Android TV, Google TV or Samsung:
Coming soon! Stay tuned for updates.

HDMI cable direct to TV:
Double check that your computer screen resolution matches your TV. You may need to try a different browser if it doesn't work at first.


You don't need an app to watch screenings on your phone or computer. Just use a popular web browser like Chrome or Safari and click the play button.
- Do not use an "Incognito" or "Private" Window - these can prevent video playback.
- If you are using an iPhone or iPad you need to be on iOS 11.2 or newer.


You must disable VPN to view our films!


Our films are available only in the U.S. at this time.


The video player isn’t working:
- Clear cache/cookies from your web browser by going to your browser’s history settings
- Disable VPN - Our player will not work with VPN enabled, it causes an encryption error screen
- For Live Screenings, double check that you have the correct showtime
- Contact us with any issues—we are here to help! [email protected]