"HENRY FOOL" with Hal Hartley

Saturday February 1 4:00PM

Hal Hartley in person for the 4:00pm show on 2/1.

A bawdy Faustian comic fable in which a garbage man can become an overnight literary cause célèbre on the strength of an epic poem, Henry Fool follows the upending impact of Thomas Jay Ryan’s title character—a drifter, a grifter, and a splenetic genius—on the inhabitants of Woodside, Queens, including transformed trashman Simon Grim (James Urbaniak), his bed-hopping sister (Parker Posey), and their depressive mother (Maria Porter). A portrait of an outsider creator by one who knows the life well, and a caustic comic contemplation of the artist’s place in the modern world.

"FAY GRIM" with Hal Hartley

Saturday February 1 7:30PM

Hal Hartley in person for the 7:30pm show on 2/1.

Eight years after Henry Fool, Hartley picks up with Fay, Parker Posey’s spurned spouse to the first film’s grifter anti-hero, looking for clues as to where Henry has disappeared to and who he was in the journals he left behind, also of interest to two CIA agents played by Leo Fitzpatrick and Jeff Goldblum. Provincial domestic comedy meets international thriller and scathing spy spoof, all in Hartley’s signature cadence. “Possibly the most astute allegory about the U.S.’s role in our current war… Posey beautifully embodies bewilderment and melancholy.”—Slant Magazine

Oscar Night at Metrograph

Sunday February 9 6:00PM
Oscar Night at Metrograph

The 90th Academy Awards Ceremony will screen throughout Metrograph, in both theaters, the Commissary, and the Lobby. We’ll be celebrating with our signature Oscar cocktail and serving dinner and drinks until the Best Picture winner is announced.

No ticket purchase necessary.

Metrograph Members Only: To reserve a table in the Commissary, write to [email protected]. Seating is limited.