All Divided Selves


Portrait, Landscape

By Ed Halter

On the boundary-blurring portraits of artist-filmmaker Luke Fowler.

Olive Trees of Justice


Discovering James Blue

By Giovanni Marchini Camia

An introduction to the deeply engagé filmmaker, and his pioneering works.

Sergei Losnitza


Sergei Losnitza’s Top 10

By Metrograph

Sergei Losnitza shares his Top 10 nonfiction films.


Reverse Shot on Djibril Diop Mambéty:
Things Unseen

By Boukary Sawadogo

Laurence Gavron’s documentary Ninki Nanka, The Prince of Colobane closely observes the celebrated director during the making of his final feature, Hyenas.


Attention Must Be Paid

By Rebecca Panovka

Today, Frederick Wiseman’s films play like reminders of all the mundane, uncinematic elements of daily life we’ve been missing throughout the pandemic.


Claire Atherton

By Yonca Talu

Chantal Akerman’s frequent editor of three-plus decades talks about the process, and honor, of working with the celebrated Belgian filmmaker on a trio of her later documentaries.


Beyond Bronxspoitation

By Kazembe Balagun

A look at Decade of Fire, a documentary that provides an essential community-driven narrative to the Bronx arson crisis of the 1970s.


Robert Kramer: Cinema/Politics/Community

By David Fresko

With fellow travelers or on his own, the maverick filmmaker traversed national and formal boundaries to bring his radical politics to the screen.


Movie Prom Highs and Lows

By Laura Kern

Docs like Midnight in Paris present joyful takes on the high-school tradition, while fiction films more often reveal another side.


The Collective Creation of Christopher’s Movie Matinee

By José Teodoro

How a director turned the reins of a documentary made at the height of the late ’60s counterculture movement over to a group of Toronto youth eager to tell their own story.


Roberta Cantow’s Intimate NYC Portraits

By Nellie Killian

On the award-winning director’s short works Clotheslines and If This Ain’t Heaven.


Judy Irving

By Yonca Talu

Dark Circle co-director Irving recounts the long journey of making a film on the history and aftereffects of nuclear energy and how her documentary subjects have grown more heartening since.