Tsai Ming-liang: Chasing the Film Spirit

By Tsai Ming-liang

Filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang recalls his relationship to cinema, onscreen and off.


When the Stars Align

By Chloe Lizotte

Stanley Kwan’s 1991 masterwork Center Stage unites two preeminent actresses divided by generations, Maggie Cheung and the silent-screen star she embodies, Ruan Lingyu.


Distant Traveler

By Amy Taubin

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s films of isolation perfectly suit the mood of today, but To the Ends of the Earth, in which a young woman feels lost in a faraway land, brings less doom to the usual reality-fantasy mix.


Lucky Together

By Aliza Ma

Tsai Ming-liang’s poetic Goodbye, Dragon Inn charts the empty spaces found within—and created by—cinemas fading into obscurity.



By Ackbar Abbas

In Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong, disaffected youngsters embody historical promises unkept.


An End and a Beginning

By Ariel Esteban Cayer

Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong captures the realities of Hong Kong’s marginalized people with immediacy and urgency.


The Future of the Past

By Vivienne Chow

On Fruit Chan and Made in Hong Kong