Reverse Shot on Djibril Diop Mambéty:
Things Unseen

By Boukary Sawadogo

Laurence Gavron’s documentary Ninki Nanka, The Prince of Colobane closely observes the celebrated director during the making of his final feature, Hyenas.


Follow the Money

By Yasmina Price

Djibril Diop Mambéty’s Le Franc and The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun combine a harsh critique of neocolonial structures with buoyant portraits of those surviving at their margins.


Reflections on My Cinema

By Jackie Raynal

The filmmaker, actress, and film curator takes us on a verbal and visual tour through her career, from making her first feature Deux fois in the late ’60s to programming in mid-’70s New York City.


The Traveling Entertainer

By Jackie Raynal

An appreciation of legendary film critic, and beloved friend, Serge Daney. This piece, written June 21, 1992—nine days after Daney’s death—was originally published in Cahiers du Cinéma; this is the first time it has appeared anywhere in English.


Land of Milk and Honey

By Gabriel Jandali Appel

Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow sets forth an unexpectedly gentle vision of nascent America.


Attention Must Be Paid

By Rebecca Panovka

Today, Frederick Wiseman’s films play like reminders of all the mundane, uncinematic elements of daily life we’ve been missing throughout the pandemic.


The Two Faces of Suture

By José Teodoro

Driven by a striking lead performance and a bold and unusual approach to race, the noirish first feature by filmmaking duo David Siegel and Scott McGehee recalls a time when sharp, inventive indie output wasn’t an exception to the rule.


Debt to Nature

By Chloe Lizotte

Valentyn Vasyanovych’s meticulously crafted Atlantis fixes its gaze on postwar fallout in a bleak and lonely, yet not entirely hopeless, near-future Ukraine.


To Go on Living

By Christine Smallwood

On Red Desert and Melancholia, two tales of female despair amid environmental foreboding made nearly 50 years apart.


Distant Traveler

By Amy Taubin

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s films of isolation perfectly suit the mood of today, but To the Ends of the Earth, in which a young woman feels lost in a faraway land, brings less doom to the usual reality-fantasy mix.


Lucky Together

By Aliza Ma

Tsai Ming-liang’s poetic Goodbye, Dragon Inn charts the empty spaces found within—and created by—cinemas fading into obscurity.


Divorce Baumbach Style

By Monica Castillo

The director of The Squid and the Whale continued his exploration of families dividing with Marriage Story.