Frederick Wiseman

By Eric Hynes

Frederick Wiseman talks about the evolution of his 50-plus-year career.


Attention Must Be Paid

By Rebecca Panovka

Today, Frederick Wiseman’s films play like reminders of all the mundane, uncinematic elements of daily life we’ve been missing throughout the pandemic.


Frederick Wiseman: Q&A on City Hall

By Metrograph

The filmmaker speaks to writer/programmer Eric Hynes following a screening of his latest epic documentary, City Hall, the first of three titles in the series ”City, State, and Town: Three by Frederick Wiseman.“


Jackson Heights on Screen

By Laura Kern

A cinematic journey through the Queens neighborhood explored in Frederick Wiseman’s 2015 documentary, In Jackson Heights.


I Am Somebody: An Interview with Madeline Anderson

By Ashley Clark

The documentarian discusses how she began her career as a Black, female filmmaker in the early 1960s.