Announcing Robert Kramer Retrospective Part 1

Robert Kramer

Part 1 of Retrospective of the Radical Filmmaker Focuses on Films from 1965-1975

Weeklong Runs of ICE and MILESTONES and Newsreel’s THE PEOPLE’S WAR


September 25

Ice (1970) | Dir: Robert Kramer | Ref: ICE009AD | Photo Credit: [ Afi / The Kobal Collection ] | Editorial use only related to cinema, television and personalities. Not for cover use, advertising or fictional works without specific prior agreement

Jonas Mekas considered Robert Kramer to be “a filmmaker of the first magnitude.” And, indeed, over the course of 35 years, he cemented his place as one of modern cinema’s most vital political filmmakers. A former community activist, a member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and founding member of The Newsreel collective, Kramer documented the counterculture and protest movements during the 1960s at home, and on the front lines in North Vietnam. So it was from the generation of ’60s activism that this bold cinematic and journalistic voice emerged, with films that felt both original and refreshingly homegrown.

This two-part, comprehensive retrospective of Kramer’s work, which so brilliantly blurs the line between reality and fiction, presents Kramer as one of the most important American filmmakers of the era. The program is divided into two distinctive periods, from early, committed idealism to the postwar hangover of Milestones, and life’s second chapter, with clear-eyes critiques and rumination of society‘s evolution, for better or for worse.


Opens Friday, September 25 - 8:00pm ET
Ice (dir: Robert Kramer, 1970)
Through October 2

Opens Friday, October 9 - 8:00pm ET
In the Country (dir: Kramer, 1966)
Through October 15

Opens Wednesday, October 14 - 8:00pm ET
FALN (dir: Kramer and Peter Gessner) (1965) with The People’s War (Newsreel #43, dir: Kramer, John Douglas & Norm Fruchter) (1969)
Through October 21

Opens Wednesday, October 21 - 8:00pm ET
The Edge (dir: Kramer, 1968)
Through October 27

Opens Wednesday, October 28 - 8:00pm ET
Troublemakers (dir: Norman Fruchter & Robert Machover, 1966)
Through November 2

Opens Wednesday, November 4 - 8:00pm ET
Milestones (dir: Kramer & John Douglas, 1975)
Through November 11

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