Robert Kramer Retrospective: Ice

Director: Robert Kramer
USA / 1969 / 128 min

Last streamed on Thu, Oct 1

Live screening introduced by David Fresko, Kramer scholar and Assistant Teaching Professor of Cinema Studies at Rutgers University.

“This film coolly extrapolates 20 years into the American future to discover urban guerrillas in the streets and glass-and-marble buildings of New York, at war against a fascist regime. A microcosm of personalities, trends, and problems of today’s New Left projected into a very possible future, the film deals with regional offensives, assassinations, terror and counter-terror, dedication, weariness, betrayal. Directed by a leader of the radical-left documentary film group Newsreel, it also hints at the human limitations of its heroes and displays an ideologically interesting ambiguity (if not sadness) toward them; significantly, all talk about ideas and causes has been superseded by discussions of tactics and terror, as if the revolution was merely a matter of efficient technology. The ultimate irony is that the film was financed by the very official, Hollywood-backed American Film Institute.”—Amos Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art