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March 15 Claire Simon and Sierra Pettengill in Conversation
Claire Simon and Sierra Pettengill discuss her documentary The Competition following the opening night screening at Metrograph.
March 11 Unerotic Thrillers
I wasn’t spending my high school years getting laid, but I was hanging out where all the action was taking place: the infamous DVD rooms of Korea. For the equivalent of about only $10 (give or take, depending on the size of your party), you could rent out a private screening room to watch one of the movies from their collection.
February 3 Dialogue in Zero Gravity: Philippe Garrel Meets Leos Carax
While Boy Meets Girl incontestably expresses the spirit of the 1980s, it is also a film that has assimilated the cinemas of Godard and Garrel, in other words of the two previous generations (Carax was born in 1962, Garrel in 1948). We were also aware that Garrel pays close attention to contemporary French cinema, regardless from what generation, and when asked, he confirmed that he was especially interested in Carax’s film.