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May 20 Notes on Noir: "The Strange One" and "Pickup on South Street"
Gifford will join Metrograph for his Dream Double Feature on May 26. He will present two personal favorites, and in advance of the screenings, Gifford granted us permission to reprint his essays on those films: the disturbing boys’ school drama The Strange One and Samuel Fuller’s masterpiece Pickup on South Street.
Metro Retros
May 17 Wes Anderson’s Eulogy for Lillian Ross
The American journalist Lillian Ross spent decades at The New Yorker, where she wore many hats. Early on, she mastered the magazine’s Talk of the Town featurettes, and soon became best known for her extraordinary profiles, such as her Portrait of Hemingway, which brought her immediate and lasting fame outside the bounds of The New Yorker’s readership.
May 14 The Metrograph Interview: Ryusuke Hamaguchi
With Asako I & II opening at Metrograph on May 17 after a corresponding retrospective of his earlier films, Ryusuke Hamaguchi spoke to us about his ambitious new project and what he learned from his former teacher Kiyoshi Kurosawa.