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November 15 The Metrograph Interview: Todd Haynes
"Maybe what people connect, in all my work, is that there's an emotional component that cracks through—even though the most austere intellectual experiments in narrative form. I think people found themselves surprised by their emotional connection to them, given the sort of ways I might obstruct easy access to character."
November 14 Sontag, Scorsese, and the Cinema Itself: Duet for Cannibals
It was nearly 25 years ago that Susan Sontag opined in The New York Times that movies were in decline...
November 7 On Baumbach: I Don't Think You'll Ever Be A Kid Again, Kiddo
Though his characters remain developmentally immobile, Noah Baumbach’s observations have become sharper. His eye is less jaundiced, his touch is a little more tender, and his ability to pinpoint his characters’ personal, emotional, psychological, and social shackles is both more precise and more generous