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falcon lake
opens June 2

The astonishingly assured debut feature from French Canadian actress Charlotte Le Bon, Falcon Lake stars Joseph Engel as Bastien, a 13-year-old Parisian who, while on a holiday with his family in rural Quebec, becomes increasingly close to Chloé (Sara Montpetit), the 16-year-old daughter of an old friend of his mother. A tender tale of first love that progresses with the disconcertingly eerie mood of a gothic horror film—the lake by the family’s rented cabin is haunted by a ghost legend—Le Bon’s ruminative, atmospheric drama subverts every coming of age cliché to create something entirely distinctive, quietly unnerving, and achingly emotional, seeking out the darkness on the fringes of a sunny summer idyll.

Q&As with filmmaker Charlotte Le Bon and actress Sara Montpetit Friday June 2 and Saturday June 3.

A Yellow Veil Pictures release.

charlotte le bon selects
opens June 2

Accompanying our run of Charlotte Le Bon’s debut directorial feature, Falcon Lake, the French Canadian filmmaker and actress handpicks a series of her favorite films.

Series Includes:

A Place in the Sun - Birth - Let the Right One In

Filmcraft: Judy Becker
OPENS June 3

Film critics don’t often lavish the attention they give to directors and stars on production designers, but the production designer’s sometimes unheralded art consists of nothing less than building the world of a movie, in the process doing a great deal to create those distinct cinematic environments that one wants to visit again and again and again. To better appreciate the painstaking research and crucial creative contribution of the production designer, Metrograph is proud to pay tribute to Becker, whose 25-year career as a lead production designer encompasses collaborations with Todd Haynes, David O. Russell, Ang Lee, screening some of the finest examples of her work as well as films that provided her formative influences, including movies with production design by Polly Platt (The Last Picture Show), Richard Sylbert (Rosemary’s Baby), and Brian Eatwell (Walkabout).

With intos and Q&As from Judy Becker for Brokeback Mountain June 3 at 2pm, Walkabout June 3 at 5:10pm, We Need to Talk About Kevin June 4 at 6:45pm, and Rosemary’s Baby June 4 at 9:30pm.

Series Includes:

Brokeback Mountain - I'm Not There - The Last Picture Show
Rosemary’s Baby - Walkabout - We Need to Talk About Kevin

Matthew Barney and Maggie Nelson in conversation
June 4

For one night only, Barney and writer Maggie Nelson will appear in conversation following this program comprised of re-mastered works representing the artist’s early forays into moving image-based art. This program includes the video elements of two works—Jim Otto Suite and OTTOshaft—from Barney’s OTTO Trilogy, inspired by Pro Football Hall of Famer James Edwin Otto of the Oakland Raiders, and an extract from the artist’s ongoing, multidisciplinary Drawing Restraint project, begun in 1987.

opens JUNE 9

Pop music and pop cinema are inextricably connected with one another as they are nowhere else in the world in Hong Kong, the hub of “Cantopop” (pop music sung in Cantonese), where seemingly every movie star has to try for a Cantopop hit, and every Cantopop star has to try their hand at film acting. Cantopop Icons celebrates some of the greatest “double threats” from Hong Kong cinema’s golden age, including Faye Wong (Chungking Express), Leon Lai (Comrades: Almost a Love Story), Leslie Cheung (Days of Being Wild), Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs), and Anita Mui (The Heroic TrioThe Executioners). A killer playlist of chart-topping, melodic moviemaking from the Fragrant Harbor.

Series Includes:

AIDOL - Chungking Express - Comrades: Almost a Love Story
Days of Being Wild - The Heroic Trio - Heroic Trio 2: Executioners
Infernal Affairs - Rouge

karl lagerfeld: a line through cinema
Opens June 9

To celebrate The Costume Institute’s spring 2023 exhibition, Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Metrograph presents a series that honors Lagerfeld’s dazzling work as a costume designer, screening alongside several of Lagerfeld’s favorite films.

Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty (May 5-July 16) examines the designer’s unique working methodology, focusing on the late designer’s stylistic vocabulary as it was expressed in through lines—aesthetic and conceptual themes that appear time and again—in his fashions from the 1950s to his final collection in 2019.

A film series celebrating The Costume Institute exhibition Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Series Includes:

High Heels - Last Year at Marienbad
Metropolis - Mistress

the idiots
Opens june 16

Lars von Trier’s only feature made under the Dogme 95 “Vows of Chastity”, The Idiots centers on a Danish commune whose members aim to disrupt bourgeois society by spontaneously feigning physical or mental disabilities in public — including a new recruit (Bodil Jørgensen) motivated by a secret sorrow. Previously censored upon release, this darkly comic and ultimately devastating film is now presented restored and uncut, as a highly provocative work which contemplates the very value of provocation.

The Idiots has been remastered in 4K by Zentropa Post Production.

father’s day at metrograph
Opens june 16

If you learned to spin stories from your old man—or just learned to love movies—do we ever have the Father’s Day double outing for you: Tim Burton’s Big Fish, featuring Billy Crudupas the frustrated son trying to make sense of his father Albert Finney’s life, and Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, in which Gene Hackman stars as the truculent, tall-tale-telling patriarch of a family of overachievers fallen on hard times, trying to reconnect with his estranged children. One each of Burton’s and Anderson’s best, for one of the best guys you know.

Series Includes:

Big Fish - The Royal Tenenbaums

Love Songs
Opens June 17

A companion piece to ICP’s Love Songs, a group show conceived as a mixtape of songs gifted to a lover featuring photographic projects about love, desire, and intimacy from 16 contemporary photographers, Metrograph presents a collection of films that explore myriad forms of tender attachment, from romantic ardour to filial devotion. Running for four months, in tandem with the ICP show Love Songs, the series begins with exhibit participant Leigh Ledare’s audacious and often very funny experiment in filmed self-analysis, The Task.

Q&A with director Leigh Ledare June 17 at 7:15pm

Presented with the ICP.

infinity pool: uncut
Opens june 23

At an isolated resort in the fictional country Li Tolqa, married couple James (Alexander Skarsgärd) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) have started to settle into an idyllic seaside vacation—and then they meet Gabi (Mia Goth), a seductive stranger who leads them outside the safe confines of the resort grounds and introduces them to a world of violence, unbridled libertinage, and unutterable horror. A coolly compelling study of moral decay against a backdrop of mind-bending sci-fi psychedelia. “Surreal, sophisticated, and sometimes sickening.”—The New York Times

A Neon Rated release.

Raw Talent: Spotlight on Julia Ducournau
Opens June 24

Few filmmakers have emerged on the international scene with such immediate impact as Ducournau, whose first feature, 2016’s cannibal coming-of-age tale Raw, was a worldwide sensation, and whose second, 2021’s genre-bending fever dream Titane, won her the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Ducournau’s unflinching, clinical approach to body horror has established her as among the most distinctive artists working in genre film today, and while we await her next visceral, visionary work, we’re happy to have her at Metrograph to introduce the cinematic one-two punch that tore a bloody breach in contemporary film culture. 

Julia Ducournau is a 2023 Villa Albertine resident

This event is being organized with the support of Villa Albertine

French Embassy in the United States

Series Includes:

Raw - Titane