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The Abyss: Special Edition

Friday December 8
Director: James Cameron
1989 / 171min / DCP

Before he re-sank the RMS Titanic and staged grand naval battles in the oceans of Pandora, James Cameron stared into The Abyss in this film steeped in the frightful fascination of the world beneath the waves, about a civilian diving team, led by Ed Harris and estranged wife Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and their Navy SEAL escort, coming face to face with an alien undersea species while searching for a missing nuclear submarine. Pressured by studio brass to bring down his film’s runtime, Cameron would restore nearly a half hour of footage to the 1993 LaserDisc release of The Abyss: Special Edition, presented here, in a new 4K restoration, on its 30th anniversary.

Part of Sub-Marine Mysteries (and Wonders)

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