American Mythology: Bradford Young on His Craft

By Jon D. Witmer

An interview with cinematographer Bradford Young about his work crafting the Southern drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.


Hou Hsiao-hsien

By Michel Ciment and Hubert Niogret

An interview with Hou Hsiao-hsien from 2001 about Millennium Mambo, translated into English for the first time.


Outfit of the Day

By Johanna Fateman

An interview with K8 Hardy about Outfitumentary


“Make it totally crazy, totally unusual!”

By Nick Pinkerton & Sean Price Williams

An interview with Jerzy Skolimowski and Ewa Piaskowska on their new film EO.


A Collapsing World: An Interview with Bi Gan

By Jordan Cronk

An interview with Bi Gan on his new film, A Short Story.


Ken Jacobs

By R. Emmet Sweeney

An interview with Ken Jacobs.


Enter the Aleph

By Elianna Kan

An interview with Iva Radivojević.


Walter Hill on The Warriors and still making Westerns at 80

By Vadim Rizov

An interview with Walter Hill.


The Pioneering Sally Potter

By Violet Lucca

An interview with writer-director Sally Potter.


Tilda Swinton Looks Back at Orlando

By Isobel Harbison

An interview with Tilda Swinton.


“It’s like being a pope… You work till you fucking drop dead.”

By Michael M. Bilandic

A conversation with Abel Ferrara.


Editor Andrew Weisblum on the making of Fantastic Mr Fox

By Andrew Weisblum

Wes Anderson regular editor Andrew Weisblum joined Metrograph for a Q&A on the making of Anderson's 2009 film.