Women Behind the Machines:
A Conversation on Women in Tech


Women Behind the Machines:
A Conversation on Women in Tech

By Metrograph

Emmy Parker, LaFrae Sci, Suzi Analogue, Stephi Duckula, and moderator Alissa DeRubeis joined us for a panel discussion following a screening of Sisters with Transistors.


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Panel Participants:
Suzi Analogue is a prolific producer, songwriter, composer, member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and creator of Never Normal Records based in Miami. She is pioneering the new wave of women producers in electronic music and beyond. Her music process includes electronic experimentation with cutting-edge music technology and synthesizers and she has performed in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the USA.
Alissa DeRubeis is an experimental audio artist, working a lot with vocal samples and modular synthesizers. A co-founder of the S1 Synth Library and Synth Library Prague, Alissa enjoys teaching workshops almost as much as playing, patching pre-amps, and making improvised music. She has had the chance to teach, speak, and perform across the USA and multiple European countries.
Stephi Duckula is an experimental audiovisual artist with a passion for exploring past and present synthesis technologies, while channeling her own brand of nostalgia and ornithomania into surreal variegated mindscapes. She has over 20 years of experience as a freelance creative in the synthesizer industry and frequently contributes to Telefantasy Studios, a female-led multimedia and video art studio in Burbank, CA.
LaFrae Sci is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, educator, and composer. Bedrock to her artistry is the roots of the blues from spirituals to Afrofuturistic soundscapes. As a composer, she writes for film, theater, and jazz and classical orchestras. She is able to write for any instrument, and her creative range spans ambisonic music to blues and hip-hop to her own brand of subaquatic deconstructed techno soul.
Cultural futurist Emmy Parker is a sought-after brand strategist known for her nuanced cultural insights and who inspires her clients and collaborators to create pioneering conceptual work at the intersection of arts, advocacy, and ambition. Born into a family with deep musical roots, Emmy continues the legacy of employing musicality as a cultural lens to explore the ways we make, move and mend our communities.