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Extraits: Short Films by Rhayne Vermette

Saturday October 7
Director: Rhayne Vermette
2023 / 62min / DCP

A collection of 9 shorts, produced by Vermette between 2012 and ’17, each of which shows the filmmaker refining and revising the new and strikingly unique collage-derived cinematic vocabulary which has marked her as a pioneer in the world of experimental film. Highlights include 2012’s J. Werier, a portrait of the eponymous Winnipeg warehouse store and the broken film projectors it houses; 2014’s Black Rectangle, a cinematic response to Kazimir Malevich’s 1915 painting Black Square; 2015’s Extraits d’une Famille, a Super 8 memory piece exploring Vermette’s family history and the unreliability of remembering; would-be architect-cum-filmmaker Vermette’s twinned reflections on the work and legacy of architect Carlo Mollino in Turin (2016) and Domus (2017); and 2016’s Les Châssis de Lourdes, an unconventional survey of Vermette’s childhood home which the artist calls “a falsified genealogy of image making.”

Tricks are for Kiddo (Rhayne Vermette, 2012) Tudor Village: A One Shot Deal (Rhayne Vermette, 2012) Full of Fire (Rhayne Vermette, 2013) Black Rectangle (Rhayne Vermette, 2013) Extraits d’une famille (Rhayne Vermette, 2014) J. Werier (Rhayne Vermette, 2012) Turin (Rhayne Vermette, 2014) Les Châssis de Lourdes (Rhayne Vermette, 2016) Domus (Rhayne Vermette, 2017)

Introduction and Q&A with filmmaker Rhayne Vermette on Saturday, October 7th at 3:45pm

Introduction by filmmaker Rhayne Vermette on Sunday, October 8th at 8:00pm

Part of Personal Spaces: The Films of Rhayne Vermette

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