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ACE Presents: Hulk

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Director: Ang Lee, Ang Lee, Ang Lee, Ang Lee, Ang Lee, Ang Lee, Ang Lee, Ang Lee
2003 / 138min / 35mm

Before the formula for “superhero movie” was codified to produce a never-ending stream of lookalike, soundalike films there was Lee’s Hulk, an experiment in style employing eye-popping color, frag grenade split-screen effects, and dynamic framings—the work of legendary DP Frederick Elmes—in order to create a cinematic approximation of Jack Kirby’s original comic art. The spectacle here is built on a solid foundation of character-based oedipal struggle that recalls Nolte’s earlier work in Addiction, with Eric Bana as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Nolte in fine fettle as his abusive and ultimately megalomaniacal mad scientist father. “Mixes bodily anxiety and generational angst on a scale unlikely to be repeated any time soon.”—Sight & Sound

Q&A with Tim Squyres, ACE and Gary Levy, ACE on Saturday, October 21st

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