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The Chambermaid Lynn

Friday October 6
Director: Ingo Haeb
2014 / 90min / DCP

“Playing the titular chambermaid Lynn—the role that caught the attention of director Paul Thomas Anderson—Krieps surprises as a cripplingly shy and meticulous hotel cleaning woman, whose curiosity takes her to places she does not expect to go. Amid her duties, she crosses paths with a dominatrix (Lena Lauzemis), and together, they embark on a voyage of sexual exploration. Through the lens of writer-director Haeb’s unobtrusive approach, the tenderness and excitement of burgeoning romance between two solitary souls is expressed beautifully. The film marks Krieps’s first major role in German cinema, though her performance already exudes the beguiling mix of wistful elegance and emotional honesty and hunger that have since become hallmarks of her craft.”—Series curator Adeline Monzier

“The freakiest movie I have ever made. As if Amélie Poulain goes to Germany, finds a way to become freaky, and lands in Alice’s dream—German weirdness at its finest and funniest. Like a concert where you don’t know the band and yet enjoy every turn… just enjoy the ride and let go!!!;)”—Vicky Krieps

A Film Movement release

Introduction and Q&A with Vicky Krieps on Sunday, October 8th at 6pm, moderated by Christina Kallas

Part of The Invisible Threads of Vicky Krieps

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