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The Valiant Ones

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Director: King Hu, King Hu, King Hu, King Hu
1975 / 102min / DCP

“As Corrupt Ming officials have taken bribes and allowed a band of Japanese pirates to terrorize the South China coast, the government dispatches a small band of fighters, anchored by a husband-and-wife team, to take care of them. Outnumbered, they must rely on guile, cunning, and strategy to take down their opponents. What follows is almost non-stop action courtesy of fight choreographer Sammo Hung and director Hu, who, on their second collaboration, deliver some of their greatest set pieces, including a chess battle that has to be seen to be believed. Hu edits to Sammo’s strengths, delivering a movie that feels like the future of Hong Kong moviemaking: hard-hitting, fast-moving, and out of this world.”—Subway Cinema