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The King of Wuxia

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Director: Lin Jing-Jie
2022 / 216min / DCP

“Even a 3.5-hour documentary about King Hu is not long enough. Hu, who appeared in 1966 with Come Drink with Me, revolutionized wuxia filmmaking, action choreography, editing, and storytelling. The seven movies he made between 1966-’79 are classics that influenced a generation, before heartbreak and tragedy struck as Hu’s uncompromising artistic vision collided with hard economic realities. The King of Wuxia features interviews with famed friends and collaborators such as John Woo, Sammo Hung, and Hu’s favorite actor, Shih Chun, who take us to locations where Hu shot his films, demonstrate how he created his stunts, and share dozens of never-before-heard stories. Lin’s documentary is a testament to greatness that’ll make you want to pick up a sword (or a camera), and forge your own path in the world.”—Subway Cinema