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Human Flowers of Flesh

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Director: Helena Wittmann, Helena Wittmann, Helena Wittmann
2022 / 106min / DCP

An enigmatic, questing, quicksilver film that invents an original cinematic language to describe interior enigmas, everyday rituals, and elemental forces, Human Flowers of Flesh contains more than a handful of bravura moments—including a dizzying, “How did they do that?!” dive into the depths of the sea—that provide the viewer with proof that cinema still has undiscovered possibilities. Drawing on a deep pool of cinematic inspirations that includes Claire Denis’s Beau Travail—that film’s star Denis Lavant appears in a small role in Wittmann’s—Human Flowers of Flesh at the same time represents an arresting, unprecedented vision, following a woman (Angeliki Papoulia) whose fascination with a crew of French Foreign Legionnaires leads her to a voyage across the Mediterranean.

Intro + Q&A with Helena Wittmann Friday, April 14 at 6:30 and Saturday, April 15 at 6:45

A Cinema Guild Release