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Naked Over the Fence

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Director: Frans Weisz
1973 / 98min / DCP

Before she went on to conquer the world, Kristel had a breakout role in her native Netherlands with this erotic thriller/comedy/musical from Weisz, playing a one-hit wonder chanteuse who, along with her karate instructor boyfriend (Dutch martial artist Jon Bluming), agrees to co-star in an “art” film, only to find themselves unknowingly drawn into the underground world of porno flicks. Murders and other strange goings-on follow, leaving it up to pinball arcade owner (and amateur sleuth) Rijk de Gooyer. Based on a “sriller” (“sarcastic thriller”) by author Rinus Ferdinandusse, the endearingly odd Naked Over the Fence shows young Kristel as a screen natural.