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The Brink's Job

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Director: William Friedkin
1978 / 104min / 35mm

A devious subversion of the usually hyper-focused and detail-oriented “heist film,” Friedkin’s The Brink’s Job—based on a $3M robbery that occurred in 1950 Boston—shows just how easy it can be to grab the bag and walk away. Penny ante Beantown crook Falk discovers that nobody’s actually minding the store at the local branch of Brink’s, and proceeds to assemble a motley gang of small-time hoods with the intention of relieving the security company of their excess cash. Falk bats leadoff in front of a murderer’s row of American character actors that includes Peter Boyle, Warren Oates, Gena Rowlands, and the dearly departed Paul Sorvino. A slyly funny caper movie steeped in ubiquitous incompetence, and a story so ridiculous it could only have been drawn from real facts.