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Director: John Waters, John Waters, John Waters, John Waters
1998 / 87min / 35mm

Few filmmakers have made themselves so synonymous with a city as Waters has with Baltimore, and with Pecker, he offers both a hysterical commentary on both the plight of the “regional” artist and the tension between America’s provinces and its taste-making cultural capitals. Pecker (Edward Furlong), an 18-year-old sandwich slinger and amateur street photographer, becomes the unlikely darling of the New York art world when a hotshot dealer discovers the grainy black-and-white photos he’s been taking of friends and neighbors around the working-class Hampden neighborhood—but in his meteoric rise he risks losing his soul, his naïve talent, and his girlfriend (Christina Ricci). A riotous razz at NYC snobbery from the gutters of Charm City, and also historically significant as the film that introduced the term “teabagging” into mainstream usage.