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My Hustler + Jerovi + Confessions

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Director: Andy Warhol
1965 / 107min / 16mm

Warhol’s camp tour de force concerns an idle competition on an empty summer day between tartly monologuing middle-aged queen Ed Weiner, his female Fire Island neighbor, and aging male prostitute “The Sugar Plum Fairy” for the attentions of peroxide blonde “Dial-a-Hustler” hunk Paul America, ogled from deck chairs on the verandah. Bitchy, bitter, and among the flat-out funniest of Warhol productions. With Jerovi, an erotic, experimental retelling of the Narcissus myth whose director, Rodriguez-Soltero, My Hustler star Mario Montez once pronounced his favorite filmmaker; and Confessions, George Kuchar protégé McDowell’s graphic, comic direct-address confessional to his parents, shot in the filmmaker’s San Francisco apartment.