Founded in New York City in 1988 by film lovers Nancy Gerstman and Emily Russo, Zeitgeist Films would quickly distinguish itself as a distribution company that would both take big risks in acquisitions and provide hands-on care in its release rollout. Now in its 35th year, and with five Academy Award-nominated films, including one winner, to their name, Zeitgeist is well-established as an incubator of emerging talents (Todd Haynes, Guy Maddin, Laura Poitras, and Olivier Assayas) and standard-bearer of curatorial curiosity and excellence—a tradition we salute in this anniversary celebration that reviews the highlights of a remarkable collection of films.

The series features premieres of new 4K remasters of Guy Maddin’s Archangel and Marc Rothemund’s Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, plus an exclusive series closing night Member Preview of Ken Loach’s forthcoming The Old Oak.

Special series guests include Guy Maddin, Raoul Peck, Richard Press & Philip Gefter, Astra Taylor, Christine Vachon, Greta Schiller & Andrea Weiss, Alexandra Dean, and Bruce Goldstein, in addition to Zeitgeist Co-Founders Nancy Gerstman and Emily Russo. 

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