Few filmmakers can do it all in the way that pioneering British filmmaker Sally Potter can, having at various times acted as director, writer, performer, composer, and choreographer on her movies. With the release of Potter’s new short film, Look at Me, starring Javier Bardem and Chris Rock, and the appearance of a new restoration of perhaps her best-known film, 1992’s time-traveling, gender-bending Orlando, based on the novel by Virginia Woolf, we’re revisiting some of the highlights of a remarkable, eclectic career that encompasses experimental shorts, documentaries, and sumptuous period pieces, united by their innovations with form, sensitive performances, provocative subject matters, and conceptual rigor. An opportunity to encounter the artist Artforum’s Amy Taubin praised for her “brilliant eye for framing and camera placement, her ear for music, and the extremely moving ongoing conflict between her romantic sensibility and her analytic mind.”