Poet, actor, painter, screenwriter, and director, Jerzy Skolimowski is a creative whirlwind who—even after leaving his native Poland in search of greater artistic freedom—has never stopped working, and with 2022’s EO, produced one of the finest works of an already legendary career. After co-writing the screenplays for Andrzej Wajda’s 1960 Innocent Sorcerers and Knife in the Water, the 1962 debut feature of Roman Polanski, a fellow graduate of the Polish Film School in Lodz, Skolimowski exploded onto the international film scene with his own brilliant breakout works, Identification Marks: None and Walkover, films of youthful brio and rebellion starring the director as alter ego Andrzej Leszczyc. His peripatetic career would see him making masterworks in Belgium , the UK , and the US before a triumphant return to post-Communist Poland where, now in his eighties, he continues to make films distinguished by their spirit of exuberant experimentation.

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