The midlength movie—not quite a short, not quite a feature. The French, being more than usually serious about cinema as an artform, have a word for them: the moyen métrage. And to make one means being serious about cinema as an artform, because the midlength movie has no place in cinema as commerce. This means there is an abundance of midlength movies of exceptional quality and ambition, but you’ll rarely see them screened—something that this series intends to address, while allowing you to catch a movie on a Sunday or a weeknight and still make it home in time to put the kids to bed. The first installment, appropriately, focuses on quotidian rituals of youth, as well as the ghosts and other-worldly creatures who are very much part of our own; themes that intersect in not-quite shorts from the likes of Tsai Ming-liang, Abbas Kiarostami, Kelly Reichardt, and Ryûsuke Hamaguchi.

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