It’s impossible to imagine the films of Ursula Meier, subject of her own Metrograph retrospective, without the contribution of cinematographer Agnès Godard—but you could say this about just about any film that Godard ever worked on. Very arguably the pre-eminent French DP of her generation and a crucial player in developing the tactile, intimate style of longtime confederate Claire Denis, Godard has played a crucial part in producing a startling number of the most indelible images produced in cinema since 1991, when she had her first feature credit on Agnès Varda’s Jacquot de Nantes. Presented alongside the Meier series, which includes the NYC-exclusive opening of The Line, shot by Godard, don’t miss this opportunity to take a closer look at the products of an infallible eye.

Presented with the support of Unifrance, Association Française des directrices et directeurs de la photographie Cinématographique, and Strand Releasing.