One of today’s most prolific French filmmakers, Christophe Honoré joins Metrograph this March to present a curated selection of his most personal films, alongside titles that have deeply influenced his autofictional work. “As a queer auteur and a grandchild of the French New Wave, Christophe Honoré has challenged audiences with his genuine representations and explorations of family, death, and sexual desire, always putting the sheer joy of filmmaking at the heart of his cinema. Whether based on real-life events or memories of them, Honoré’s films act as fictionalized echoes of his own emotions, and at the same time they offer ways to overcome these emotions through the fiction-making process. This program, created in partnership with Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, reveals how life and cinema have, for over two decades, nurtured Honoré’s artistic process, and draws an intimate portrait of the filmmaker at work.”—Series curator Adeline Monzier

Series Includes:
36 Fillette, Dans Paris, Sorry Angel, Manchester by the Sea, Providence

With appearances from Christophe Honoré Friday, March 10 and Saturday, March 11. 

Series curated and all program notes written by Adeline Monzier. 

Presented with the support of Unifrance and Villa Albertine