Metro Retro Movie Love In Conversation
Interviews with crucial film-world figures
March 27 Harmony Korine in Conversation with Aliza Ma at the Sneak Preview of The Beach Bum
Following Metrograph's Members Only sneak preview of The Beach Bum, Head of Programming Aliza Ma spoke with Harmony Korine about his latest.
March 15 Claire Simon and Sierra Pettengill in Conversation
Claire Simon and Sierra Pettengill discuss her documentary The Competition following the opening night screening at Metrograph.
July 23 Interview with Paul Blain
On the occasion of Gérard Blain's first North American retrospective, organized by Brad Deane (TIFF Cinematheque), Deane sat down to chat with Paul Blain (French actor and one of Gerard’s sons) about working with his father.
March 2 An Interview with
Frederick Wiseman
When I was in Paris I was very interested in movies. Paris, then—even more than now—if you were there for any length of time, you could see any great movie ever made. Because there were so many great retrospective houses. There still are.
March 2 An Interview with
Terence Davies
In those days, we had eight cinemas in walking distance of the house, and there were another eight in town, if you can believe it. And it was the Odeon, and it was to see SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. I mean, what a way to introduce yourself to film!
March 2 An Interview with
Bette Gordon
I was drawn to this idea of seeing and being seen and the status of conventional Hollywood narrative, with the male as subject and the woman as object. I started thinking about taking a detective noir or a Hitchcock and flipping it around: what if she actually did have agency, with woman as explorer and man as enigmatic figure?