Roger Corman Presents "The Intruder"

Thursday May 3 7:00PM
Roger Corman Presents

Introduction and Q&A with Roger Corman on Thursday, May 3rd at the 7pm screening.

Corman’s favorite of his own films is something very different from his usual genre works, a serious, still-vital drama about anti-black animus in America during the final years of Jim Crow, shot on location in rural Missouri and starring a pre-Star Trek William Shatner as a racist provocateur who arrives unbidden in a small southern town and proceeds to stir up sentiment against school segregation. A fearless renegade production, keenly insightful into the psychology of hate. Preceded by a trailer show including Attack of the Crab Monsters, Big Bad Mama, Grand Theft Auto, and The Student Nurses.

Roger Corman Presents "Pit And The Pendulum"

Thursday May 3 9:30PM
Roger Corman Presents

Introduction and Q&A with Roger Corman on Thursday, May 3rd at the 9:30pm screening.

The second of American International Pictures’ wildly successful Edgar Allan Poe adaptations lays its scene in 16th century Spain, where an imperious Vincent Price knows more than he lets on about the mysterious recent death of his wife. I Am Legend author Richard Matheson’s script shrewdly builds out from Poe’s short story, while Corman’s embellishments on the already corkscrew-twisty plot would come to exercise a definite influence on later Italian giallo. Preceded by a trailer show including Death Race 2000, Jackson County Jail, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, and Suburbia.

Paul Schrader Presents "Light Sleeper"

Friday May 4 7:00PM
Paul Schrader Presents

Q&A with Paul Schrader on Friday, May 4th following the 7pm screening.

Willem Dafoe, understated and unbelievably gentle, plays John LeTour, a recovering drug addict who still deals to a high-end New York clientele maintained by boss Susan Sarandon, who’s looking to move on from the business. LeTour’s professional crisis and midlife muddle become something much more acute—and dangerous—when he re-encounters an old flame from his user days. Marvelously melancholic, with a mighty, rolling suite of songs by The Call’s Michael Been.

Paul Schrader Presents "Taxi Driver"

Saturday May 5 6:30PM
Paul Schrader Presents

Q&A with Paul Schrader on Saturday, May 5th following the 6:30 pm screening.

“Suck on this!” A pure distillation of needling isolation, inadequacy, and anguish, all roiling in the tortured gut of Robert De Niro’s insomniac cabbie Travis Bickle, who cruises all night through a stygian, steam-choked Manhattan, nursing his fears and hatreds. A defining picture of New York City in 1976, and a movie that is wrenched straight from the unquiet psyche of its screenwriter, exorcising his personal demons.

Paul Schrader Presents "The Walker"

Saturday May 5 9:30PM
Paul Schrader Presents

Introduction by Paul Schrader on Saturday, May 5th following the 9:30pm screening.

A droll, wry, and altogether perfect Woody Harrelson plays Carter Page III, a pure, corrupt creature of the Beltway whose impeccable manners make him an ideal paid companion to Washington D.C. socialites, the fact that he’s gay notwithstanding. Everybody loves Carter—until, that is, he runs afoul of a murder, and finds himself suddenly on the outside of the high-society clique that he has so long cultivated.