"Minding the Gap" with Director Bing Liu

Friday August 17 7:00PM

Bing Liu in person to introduce and for a Q&A following the 7pm screening on Friday, August 17

Minding the Gap boldly collides 12 years of fast-paced, gravity-defying cinematography with intimate, patient verite from the deceivingly quotidian lives of three young skateboarders in Rockford, Illinois—23-year old new father, Zack; jobless teenager Keire; and Bing Liu, the film’s director. As each subject strives to become a better man over the years, they must overcome the realities of race, class, abuse, and relationships with mothers in their lives. This intuitively made and deeply felt observational documentary is a showcase of physical fearlessness and emotional bravery that wowed in its Sundance debut.

"Maison du Bonheur" with Director Sofia Bohdanowicz & Producer Calvin Thomas

Friday August 24 7:00PM

Q&A with director Sofia Bohdanowicz and producer Calvin Thomas following the 7pm screening on Friday, August 24.

For half a century, 77-year-old Juliane Sellam, raconteur, accomplished astrologist, and solemn maintainer of refined rituals, has lived in the same home in Montmartre, Paris. Sofia Bohdanowicz, one of the most distinctive voices in Canadian independent cinema, delves into Sellam’s sanctum to record the older woman’s vast store of tales and household routines, in the process finding herself taking a sort of direction from her subject, even having her astrological chart read. Shooting in 16mm, Bohdanowicz reveals a quiet loveliness in quotidian objects and the dispatch of everyday beauty, creating in the process a cinematic ode to matriarchy.

"Kids" with Larry Clark

Saturday August 25 6:00PM

Q&A with Larry Clark following the 6pm screening on Saturday, August 25.

Leo Fitzpatrick’s smooth-talking “Virgin surgeon” Telly cuts a potentially deadly swathe through unsuspecting adolescent girls in this snapshot of dirty, dangerous New York that practically reeks of adolescent b.o. and rampaging hormones. Clark’s debut brought semi-documentary scrutiny to bear on the blunt-rolling and mating rituals of the city’s downtown skaters as recorded by punk prodigy screenwriter Harmony Korine, while assembling one of the great ensemble casts of its day, with screen debuts by Chloë Sevigny, Rosario Dawson, Justin Pierce (RIP), Zoo York skater Harold Hunter (RIP), and Jon Abrahams.

"Bully" with Larry Clark

Saturday August 25 8:30PM

Introduced by Larry Clark at the 8:30pm screening on Saturday, August 25.

“Nature sucks!” Where most movies about youth culture lag behind the ever-changing looks and sounds of the times, Bully is a perfect, even prescient portrait of the turn-of-the-millennium Eminem Moment, of youth disaffection and moral rot in sunny, swampy suburban South Florida. Using the basic material of the True Crime tale of Bobby Kent, a rich kid and petty tyrant in his small social circle, Clark tells a blackly-funny tale of violent comeuppance, with Brad Renfro, Bijou Phillips, Michael Pitt, and Kids’ Leo Fitzpatrick as wannabe gangsters putting together a remarkably clumsy murder conspiracy.