Mister America

Director: Eric Notarnicola
USA / 2019 / 89 min

Last streamed on Tue, Sep 8

Live screening introduced by Gregg Turkington and Tim Heidecker.

A Direct Cinema–style political documentary suggesting Robert Drew’s 1960 Primary, Mister America follows outsider candidate Tim Heidecker on his quest to take the seat of the San Bernardino District Attorney who put him on trial for selling deadly e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, resulting in mass death. A new extension of the insane On Cinema universe—an ongoing melodrama built on the dysfunctional relationship between characters embodied by Tim & Eric’s Heidecker and Gregg “Neil Hamburger” Turkington—Mister America is a gut-busting pseudo-documentary study in delusional narcissism and political theater that ropes unaware participants into its drama.