Director: Dominik Graf
Germany / 2021 / 176 min

Last streamed on Wed, Feb 16

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Dominik Graf, a passionate advocate for the genre film through his art and his public discourse, recreates the world of Weimar Germany in this sprawling adaptation of a 1931 novel by Erich Kästner, starring Tom Schilling in the title role of a charmingly cynical, hedonistic aspiring novelist whose life of dissipation is interrupted when he falls for would-be film starlet Saskia Rosendahl. Taking on the historical drama, Graf retains the freewheeling stylistic flourishes and percussive rhythms of his genre work, bringing us the on-the-brink Germany of Fritz Lang, George Grosz, and ascendant Nazism with a bracing immediacy—his film is epic in scope, but incredibly light on its feet, conveying a living, breathing past where the future is still unwritten.