the computer accent

Metrograph is pleased to announce the run of the computer accent,
starting october 21.

While Artificial Intelligence has made in-roads in almost every area of human labor, the field of artistic creation was once regarded as relatively safe from automation—for what is art without the human soul? Roch-Decter and Pardo’s The Computer Accent offers a look at an age of AI artistry that may be coming sooner than you think, documenting the fascinating, sometimes frustrating “collaboration” between the post-pop group YACHT and a state-of-the-art computer that has studied their back catalog, algorithmically generating music, lyrics, and the title for the band’s seventh album, “Chain Tripping,” to then be recorded in the studio by the flesh-and-blood trio. Heartening or horrifying depending on your viewpoint, The Computer Accent is a window into the future.