Agnès Godard

By Yonca Talu

Claire Denis’s longtime DP talks about filming the beautifully mysterious, Faulkner-inspired L’Intrus in picturesque locales from France’s Jura Mountains to the Polynesian Islands.


Uncharted Territory

By José Teodoro

Emotional logic prevails in Claire Denis’s L’Intrus, inviting us to share its itinerant protagonist’s unmoored state.

Press Release

Metrograph Pictures to Release L’Intrus on March 26

By Metrograph

January 27, 2021


Claire Denis Introduces L’Intrus

By Claire Denis

Last April, Denis joined Metrograph theater to present two of her finest works. These are the words she shared prior to her 2004 film L’Intrus, which screened alongside No Fear, No Die.



Directed by Claire Denis

Exclusive Digital Run

Metrograph Pictures presents one of Denis’s most exhilarating films, which charts the travels of a mercenary (Michel Subor) as he journeys from the snowy Alps to Korea to Tahiti in search of a heart transplant and his son.

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Blood Work: A Reevaluation of Trouble Every Day

By Melissa Anderson

Claire Denis’s often misunderstood Trouble Every Day only gets better with age, and, like all of Denis’s work, stays inside you long after viewing.

Past Screening

Trouble Every Day

Directed by Claire Denis

Denis’s film maudit is an outré story of carnal lust featuring Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey, Béatrice Dalle, Alex Descas, and music by Tindersticks.

Last available Aug 17 2020