Past Screening

Personal Problems:
Split-Screen Version

Directed by Bill Gunn

Introduced by Bret Wood

This new release is not a restoration, but rather a deconstruction of Bill Gunn's exceptional ensemble piece that explored black working-class life in NYC.

Last available Sep 3 2021

Past Screening

Night Catches Us

Directed by Tanya Hamilton

Intro by Tanya Hamilton

In Hamilton’s wise, politically aware debut feature, Marcus (Anthony Mackie) returns to his former Philadelphia neighborhood in 1976, where he picks up with an old friend (Kerry Washington), who shares the same youthful idealism and memories of the Black Panther movement.

Last available Sep 6 2021

Past Screening

Alfreda’s Cinema Presents: The Passion of Remembrance

Directed by Maureen Blackwood & Isaac Julien

Intro by Alfreda’s Cinema curator Melissa Lyde

Sankofa Film and Video Collective’s first feature intertwines vignettes of Black family life, sexuality, and class struggle with a dystopian backdrop.

Last available Jul 28 2021

Past Screening

Creatively Speaking Presents: Daughters of the Dust

Directed by Julie Dash

Q&A with Michelle Materre and Kathryn Bowser

The first wide release by a Black female director—now celebrating it 30th anniversary—is set at the dawn of the 20th century off the coast of South Carolina, where a Gullah family struggles to maintain their cultural heritage.

Last available May 30 2021

Past Screening

Alfreda’s Cinema Presents: “Protect Black Women”

Directed by Various

Curated by Melissa Lyde, this program of short works, including Lyde’s work-in-progress debut, visualizes the interiority of the Black woman’s existence from the viewpoint of Black women.

Last available Jan 25 2021

Past Screening

Black Power in America:
Myth or Reality?

Directed by William Greaves

Greaves’s iconic, rarely shown doc questions whether the Civil Rights Movement effectively changed the Black community, and American society more widely, and examines the notion of Black power itself.

Last available Oct 16 2020

Past Screening

Members Preview: Residue

Directed by Merawi Gerima

Gerima appears for a Q&A moderated by Brittany Jones-Cooper following a screening of his debut feature, in which an aspiring filmmaker returns to Washington, DC, only to find his old neighborhood gentrified beyond recognition.

Last available Sep 13 2020

Past Screening

Chisholm ’72:
Unbought & Unbossed

Directed by Shola Lynch

A unique doc reflection on Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, both the first female and the first person of color to seek a major American political party’s nomination for president.

Last available Sep 25 2020

Past Screening

Puppet Show + Mayday

Directed by Josh Morton / May 1st Media

This program pairs two recently restored 16mm works made in 1970 by the Yale student film collective May 1st Media in support of the Black Panther Party’s New Haven chapter.

Last available Aug 26 2020


Michael Roemer

By Melissa Lyde

The director, co-writer, and co-producer of Nothing But a Man talks about the inception of his groundbreaking 1964 debut feature, which is still finding the audience it deserves.


St. Clair Bourne and Paul Robeson United

By Violet Lucca

The cinematic intersection of two African-American pioneers yielded a pair of Robeson explorations, made by Bourne 30 years apart, and a doc that feels as if driven by Robeson’s guiding principles.

Past Screening

Nan Goldin Selects:
Nothing But a Man

Directed by Michael Roemer

A couple fights to survive together in Jim Crow Birmingham, where every aspect of daily life is tainted by pervasive, systemic racism.

Last available Aug 5 2020