On the Process

November 16 to December 20

Art is a job. It’s rolling up your sleeves, it’s putting in long hours, it’s making decisions and then regretting those decisions, it’s flying by the seat of your pants and trusting your gut, it’s lonely and it’s convivial and it never, ever lets you clock out. And of course all of this tends to be forgotten when the finished product appears, reviewed and regarded as though it had sprung fully formed into the world. By way of correction, On the Process brings together films that revel in the sweat and the elbow grease behind artistic production, whether in the practice of filmmakers like Derek Jarman and Andrei Tarkovsky or in the studios (and in the often onerous daily lives) of Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, and Vincent Van Gogh. A collection of films that remind us that the finished product is only one part of the story.

Frédéric Laffont / 2019 / 7 mins / DCP

In the Footsteps Across the World Collection, documentarian Fréderic Laffont observes artisans around the world as they bring their expertise to bear for Hermès. Hong Kong offers a visit to one of Hermès’ fifteen international repair workshops, this one on the 22nd floor of a high-rise in the Admiralty district where experienced craftsmen return a well-loved bag to its former glory. In Kyoto, the Nose family has combined their generations of knowledge in order to reproduce the technique of silk marbling that created the radiant patterns found by Hermès in an old album in the archives of its Lyon textile sector.

Produced by Hermès, these short films will screen before each of the features in this series.

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