Dostoevsky: A Screenplay (Raymond Carver / Tess Gallagher) / King Dog: A Screenplay (Ursula K. LeGuin) – Signed by Authors

A highlight from the Capra Press “Back-to-Back” series, featuring two screenplays from three stalwarts of American letters.

Numbered 151 of a special signed edition of 200 copies. Signed by Carver, Gallagher and LeGuin on their respective title pages.

From the publisher:

“In 1982 film director Michael Cimino telephoned Raymond Carver and asked him to lend a hand on a screenplay he had acquired about the life of Dostoevsky. Carver was intrigued by the idea, but he found the existing script ponderous, cumbersome, plotless and boring. He brought Tess Gallagher in on the project and before long they scrapped the original and were working day and night on a new script entirely of their own. What they finally turned out was not a rewrite but a stunning original, the first screenplay by two of America’s foremost writers.”

“Inspired by Hindu mythology and formed by the same rich imagination that produced such science fiction / fantasy classics as “The Left Hand of Darkness” and “The Earths Trilogy”, “King Dog” is an ambitious film-script of epic dimension.

‘I don’t do safe-money things’, LeGuin explains in her introduction. ‘It involves some modest special effects, a war, and all those mountains. I ask you, the reader, to cast it, find the locations, build the sets, sound-record it and photograph it – all in that incredibly equipped, absolutely up-to-date, unsurpassed-in-Hollywood studio, your mind. Thank you.”

In nearly fine condition with only very minor shelf wear. A crisp copy of this underseen publication.


Softcover, 298 pages
5.25 x 7.5 inches
Capra Press, 1985

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