Untitled Pizza Movie Part 7: Mars Bar

Director: David Shapiro
USA / 2021 / 45 min

Available On Demand Mar 11-14

We follow Leeds on his last days. Bellucci gives a now-gentrified New York one last shot. Is there a place for him here anymore? Intertwining these narratives across a remarkable series, as humorous and heartbreaking events unfold, Untitled Pizza Movie grapples with the fault lines of class, friendship, filmmaking, and memory. Shapiro weaves a tapestry of form—through changing technology and an archive built of loving detail—drawing us toward a remarkable close. We all carry around worlds inside and must make our peace—to preserve their existence or allow them to vanish into forgotten dreams. What to save and when to let go—can you reconcile the person you are with the one you imagined yourself to be?