Untitled Pizza Movie Part 6: Clams

Director: David Shapiro
USA / 2021 / 43 min

Available On Demand Mar 9-14

The series looks back to Bellucci and Leeds, positioning themselves at the dawn of gentrification. Early pioneers of the Williamsburg scene, Leeds went on to buy and renovate a building which he would later sell at the height of the real-estate boom, and David grapples with their own role in the Condo-Industrial Complex. Bellucci sets up a meeting with Drew Nieporent, the most famous restaurateur in New York. Owner of the fabled Nobu and Tribeca Grill, Nieporent is wary of Bellucci’s past, but impressed by his hutzpah. Seeking comfort and support from an old pizza pal, Mummy, Bellucci enlists his help for one final shot. Leeds and Shyleen move closer to opening Taceaux. David ponders potential and privilege, demons and curses—become a T.S. Eliot or open a taco stand—and what the road to dignity is. Nieporent is intrigued by Bellucci’s attention to detail, pizza pedigree, and calling card (a clam pie). But he is hesitant about opening a pizzeria in current-day New York. He schools Bellucci on real estate spinning out of control. He agrees to give Bellucci a chance to make his case and taste his pizza. It’s on.