Untitled Pizza Movie Part 5: The Natufian Culture of 9,000 BC

Director: David Shapiro
USA / 2021 / 34 min

Q&A with Shapiro,
moderated by Scott Macaulay

Last streamed on Sat, Mar 13

David follows Bellucci on his moto, and observes him from drone distance, as he gets into “pizza shape.” We learn that Bellucci’s philosophy—about pizza and life—veers into obsession and collapses borders of fantasy and reality. We follow Bellucci shopping for ingredients in a vibrant Malaysian market, stopping at colorful, country stands, and milking water buffalos. We learn his underlying motive: Bellucci is attempting to make the “perfect” pizza. David interrogates the documentary form. He compares his gritty Eat to Win city, to pre-COVID New York, a clean, slick city, full of gentrified ghosts. David unpacks the baggage and benefits of class and cultural identity. Leeds and Shyleen hatch a plan to open a taco stand, “because the French don’t know shit about Tacos.” David comes back into Bellucci’s life with fortuitous timing: Bellucci is building an elaborate oven in his backyard to perfect his pizza. David follows Bellucci’s reverse journey, back to the “big stage.” Seeking validation, Bellucci’s coming home to make amends for past mistakes, and take his rightful place alongside the top pizzaiolos of New York.