Untitled Pizza Movie Part 3: Pizza Purgatory

Director: David Shapiro
USA / 2021 / 28 min

Last streamed on Sat, Mar 13

David sets out on a road trip of memory. Reimagining Leeds’s last days, through his e-mails, he tries to unravel the facts and fiction of his life. At the fabled Katz’s Delicatessen, he interviews filmmaker and old friend, Jon Staten, who offers a clue. The series travels to Saint-Malo, France. There, he meets Leeds’s wife, Shyleen. David finds scant traces of Leeds in France. To paint a picture of his life, David turns to a ghost from their past. He tracks down Bellucci in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rekindling a 25-year-old conversation, the series pivots. Investigating Bellucci and Leeds, while interrogating his own life choices, David begins to paint a triple portrait, to compare the expectations and dreams of three men, from different classes, whose lives didn’t go according to plan.