Untitled Pizza Movie Part 2: Eat to Win in the Elevator

Director: David Shapiro
USA / 2021 / 35 min

Last streamed on Sat, Mar 13

1995. After gaining 20 pounds eating to win, Dave and Leeds meet Andy Bellucci, the top pie man in New York. A talent for making pizza and self-promotion propelled him on a remarkable journey, Bellucci made and talked pizza—the provenance of ingredients, coal ovens vs. brick ovens—and became the darling of the food world. New York Times food critic Eric Asimov charts Bellucci’s meteoric rise and fall. As Dave and Leeds laud his pizza, the truth catches up to Bellucci. They follow the story to federal prison. Bellucci clams up, and upon release, disappears. The film is abandoned. Their pizza movie undone, the friends continue to fuck up and grow up in equal measure. David makes the Independent Spirit Award–winning film, Keep the River on Your Right. Leeds forms the legendary underground band The Ken Firpo Rent Explosion. The old friends drift apart. In 2014, David receives an e-mail: Leeds is dead. David begins a filmic investigation: What happened to Dave? What happened to Leeds? What the hell happened to New York?