Untitled Pizza Movie Part 1: Ice Cube Trays

Director: David Shapiro
USA / 2021 / 31 min

Q&A with Shapiro and Jonathan Lethem

Last streamed on Sat, Mar 13

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NYC. 1995. Two characters—Dave and Leeds—cross the five boroughs with a camera, filming Eat to Win, a fictional show about NY food. They are on a quest: to eat free pizza and preserve their city in video amber. Collapsing borders of fact and speculative fiction, Untitled Pizza Movie traces an unlikely friendship across class and time. In 1974, Leeds calls Dave a “kike.” Mrs. Shapiro phones Mrs. Atkinson, demanding a “reparation playdate.” While their friendship had inauspicious beginnings, after lunch, they hang out for 40 years. Leeds descends from American aristocracy. Dave hails from European immigrants. They define themselves against each other. Part 1 unpacks their friendship through hilarious and poignant archives—of shitty jobs, sophomoric projects, and band videos—contrasting pre-Internet exuberance with the social tension of the 1980s. The language of the series is introduced—objects presented as touchstones to memories. David Shapiro asks a question the series sets out to answer: “How do you remember people in a disposable world?”