Ulrike Ottinger Retrospective:
Ticket of No Return

Director: Ulrike Ottinger
West Germany / 1979 / 108 min
In German with English subtitles

Last streamed on Sat, Aug 29

Ulrike Ottinger’s collision of Hollywood flamboyancy and a particularly dour documentary aesthetic suits this Janus-faced tale of two female lushes from two very different walks of life, alike in many ways, but incapable of recognizing their bond. One is a known bag-lady barfly, the other a socialite oddball who stays aloof from her surroundings, quietly but intently suiciding with booze. Their paired stories play out in a Berlin peopled by punks and New German Cinema icons, including Nina Hagen, Tabea Blumenschein, Magdalena Montezuma, and Eddie Constantine.