Ulrike Ottinger Retrospective:
The Image of Dorian Gray in the Yellow Press

Director: Ulrike Ottinger
West Germany / 1984 / 150 min
In German with English subtitles

Last streamed on Tue, Sep 15

Live Screening introduced by the director.

In Ulrike Ottinger’s contemporary reinvention of the famous morality tale, fin de siècle dandy Dorian Gray is reimagined as a drag role, played without comment on the switch by Veruschka von Lehndorff in the male lead. Ottinger’s collision of Oscar Wilde and Fritz Lang features Delphine Seyrig as one “Dr. Mabuse,” the head of a sinister multinational newspaper agency that conspires to create, control, and destroy celebrity figure Dorian Gray. The film is an odyssey through eye-popping tableaux, including a trip to an unforgettable underworld.