Thomas Vinterberg Carte Blanche: Days of Heaven

Director: Terrence Malick
USA / 1978 / 94 min

Intro by Thomas Vinterberg

Last streamed on Sun, Apr 18

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A man (Richard Gere) flees the factory floors of Chicago for the wheat fields of the Texas panhandle with his girlfriend (Brooke Adams) and kid sister (Linda Manz) in tow, only to find himself in a love triangle with a gentleman farmer (Sam Shepard). The second American film shot by master-of-light DP Néstor Almendros, much of it seen in the gorgeous gloaming hour, Terrence Malick’s lush, mythic vision is granted a touching naïveté through Manz’s improvised, child’s-eye-view narration.

Says Vinterberg: “Badlands was my introduction to Malick’s films, who (besides knowing a lot about birds), appeared to me as an almost divine filmmaker. But his work with Néstor Almendros in Days of Heaven is what I keep returning to. The glow of the low sun, the soft surfaces, the deep black and orange is so organic and mesmerizingly beautiful that I watch this film almost as an ideal painting, as a starting point for all visual thought processes.”